Best Black Friday PS4 deals — the best early deals available now.

November 23, 2021

Black Friday PS4 deals: What to expect in 2021. Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. Play as Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and more. While the PS4 debuted in 2013, it’s still proving itself capable of running some of the most graphically demanding titles around. By Sherri L. Best Black Friday PS4 deals — the best early deals available now.

You’ll need the PSVR headset to use these, but the opportunity to fly around like Iron Man shouldn’t be passed up. Furthermore, unlike the PS5 we expect to see a range of price cuts among this year’s Black Friday deals. Driveclub Review: Stuck in First Gear. By Sean Captain, Michael Andronico 03 February 2020. Tearaway Unfolded Review: Paper-Thin.

PlayStation VR review: Serious fun for a sane price. By Jorge Jimenez 22 June 2019. Many gamers frustrated at not being able to purchase a PS5 have instead opted for a PS4, which in turn is creating a stock shortage of PS4s. Marvel’s Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition: was $39 now $29 @ Amazon Become Spider-Man in this best-selling PS4 exclusive title. Smith 30 November 2018.

Ghost of Tsushima review. PlayStation Vue Review: The Best Way to Cut the Cord. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is almost defiantly old-school: a straightforward action/exploration experience with plenty of polish. Previous Black Friday sales have seen it bundled with a game and slashed by $50, but even this year the demand for the supped-up PS4 has outstripped supply.

By Marshall Honorof 26 June 2019. The lack of customization, contradictory driving elements and tiny car list make Driveclub a pass for all but the most die-hard racing fans. Career mode has been revamped with a new Create-a-Club feature and FIFA Ultimate Team is just as much of a time sink as ever. It’ll ensure you’ve always got plenty of additional space for installing dozens of games.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Is a Slow Burn with Promise. Smith 12 April 2018. 1 2 View Archive. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade leverages the PS5 to make a great game even better, but it’s the Intermission DLC where the experience really shines.

The Game of the Year Edition includes the base game and all three DLC chapters. With its immersive story mode, deep gear system and tight combat, Injustice 2 is a must-have fighting game for comic fans and tournament players. Astro A10 Gaming Headset: was $59 now $49 @ Amazon Designed to withstand serious abuse, the lightweight yet rugged construction of the Astro A10 Gaming Headset is ideal for gamers who aren’t the most careful with their accessories.

Devil May Cry 5 review: Stunning, stylish and superbly fun. By Michael Andronico 08 April 2019. By Marshall Honorof 15 August 2016. Live in your world, just don’t play in this one.

In fact, with so much attention being given to PS5 restocks throughout 2021, the PS4 has flown under the radar. We don’t necessarily expect the console to drop to an even lower price this year, but it’s likely there will be a range of tempting bundles available in the $200 ballpark. Marvel’s Spider-Man is the definitive Spidey experience, with a thrilling traversal system, a unique story and a vibrant open-world New York City.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 520 Review: Behind the Times. By Marshall Honorof 14 July 2020. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy plants the seeds for great characters to push the franchise forward, but it takes its time getting there and hasn’t changed much from Uncharted 4. There’s no denying that the PS4 is entering its twilight years, but that doesn’t mean the console isn’t still worthy of a spot in your entertainment center.

Far Cry: New Dawn takes players back to Hope County 17 years after the fact to face twin foes, with new weapons and lots of fan service. With a library that spans eight years, there are hundreds of PS4 games worth checking out and many of them could be available in the sales event at lowest ever prices. My Two Weeks With Fallout 76: Fun, Weird and Strangely Lonely. Thanks to its intuitive interface, superior discovery features and powerful DVR, Sony PlayStation Vue is very close to being a cable killer.

By Sherri L. By Marshall Honorof 02 September 2015. PS4 Pro Review. Tearaway Unfolded has an inspired art style and memorable music, but both the gameplay and the story are rather undemanding.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review – Still on Fire. Logitech G29 Racing Wheel: was $399 now $243 @ Amazon Using this Logitech G29 Racing Wheel is the closest you can get to actual driving without needing to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Red Dead Redemption 2 serves up complex themes and characters all in a stunning world. By Sam Rutherford 25 March 2015. The PS4 Pro offers 4K gaming and streaming, gorgeous HDR effects and a healthy game library with VR support.

By Rami Tabari 25 April 2019. PDP LVL50 Wired Stereo Headset review. By Michael Andronico 18 September 2017.

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut is the best way to play one of 2020’s best games, but the PS5 upgrade can be a bit pricey. By Marshall Honorof 02 May 2017. These will work on both the PS4 and PS5. Smith 18 August 2021.

Marvel vs. Marvel’s Iron Man VR PlayStation Move Controller Bundle: was $168 now $145 @ Amazon This package contains a pair of PlayStation Move controllers and Iron Man VR on PS4. Injustice 2 Review: The Best DC Movie I Ever Played. It’s one of 2021’s biggest pleasant surprises and is already $10 off at Amazon. Capcom: Infinite’s brilliant, delightfully addictive combat and healthy amount of modes outshine its lack of overall polish.

Ghost of Tsushima is pretty similar to other open-world games, but a strong combat system and a solid samurai story give it some staying power. Plus, with regular free content updates, you’ll be playing this one for months. The latest entry in the God of War series feels older and wiser, and is fun as hell to play. Smith 24 February 2016.

By Sherri L. By Sam Rutherford 29 October 2014. Days Gone Review: A Polished But Dull Zombie Adventure. If you’re on the hunt for a gaming console at a bargain price, then the PS4 really could be the system to keep an eye out for. The console’s library is stuffed to bursting with must-play titles so Black Friday will be the ideal time to pick up enough new games to last you until next summer.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Is Worth the 4-Year Wait. Plus, there is already a range of early Black Friday PS4 deals that you can shop right now. Step into the boots of mercenary for hire Cloud and help a team of rebels take down the nefarious Shinra Corp. By Marshall Honorof 25 October 2016. Black Friday PS4 deals: What to expect in 2021.

By Marshall Honorof 03 February 2021. Final Fantasy VII Remake: was $59 now $45 @ Amazon Remade from the ground up for PS4, Final Fantasy VII Remake is the classic RPG as you’ve never seen before. By Sherri L. PlayStation Classic Review: Retro Done Wrong God of War Review: A Perfect Return for a Flawed Hero.

By Michael Andronico 04 September 2018. Riders Republic: was $59 now $49 @ Amazon Riders Republic sets you loose in a massive open world and challenges you to compete in various extreme sports including mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing, and wing suiting. The first Fallout title to add multiplayer, Fallout 76 is a novel experiment with mixed results.

No Man’s Sky is a gorgeous game that gives players a satisfying sense of exploration, but the experience can be incredibly repetitive. Remember that the PS5 can play PS4 games as well, so next-gen console owners should also keep an eye on these deals. If you have a shelf to fill, the good news is we expect to see significant money off the machine this Black Friday. Type-0 isn’t as beautiful or as innovative as other recent Final Fantasy titles, but for a PSP remake from 2011, it’s pretty good.

No Man’s Sky Review: Empty Space. By Rami Tabari 28 January 2021. FIFA 22: was $59 now $37 @ Amazon Powered by Football, FIFA 22 is the world’s most popular sports game.

By Sherri L. By Phillip Tracy 11 September 2018. World of Final Fantasy Review: Gotta ‘Imprism’ ‘Em All. Sinister. By Sam Rutherford 27 March 2015. By Michael Andronico 16 May 2017.

You will receive a verification email shortly. The Last of Us Part II: was $39 now $27 @ Walmart Return to the harsh and unforgiving world of The Last of Us in this sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. Whether you’re looking to getting into console gaming for the first time, picking up a second PS4 for a family member or friend, or just hoping to kit out your console with a load of new games and accessories, Black Friday PS4 deals should have something to offer you. Astro C40 TR Review: The Elite PS4 Controller Players Deserve. Red Dead Redemption 2 review: Immersive, cinematic and a bit clunky.

PS4 accessories is another area that is almost guaranteed to be fruitful for deals. It’s not just the console itself that will likely be discounted for Black Friday, a wide variety of the games and accessories are also expected to receive deep price cuts. By Sherri L. World of Final Fantasy is a colorful role-playing game with inventive battle mechanics, but you’ve probably heard the story before. Marvel vs.

This entry in the Far Cry series doesn’t do enough to reinvent the wheel. Sony DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment: was $19 now $9 @ Best Buy Designed for those who take their gaming seriously, the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment adds two programmable buttons to the back of your controller. Thank you for signing up to Tom’s Guide.

This accessory is ideal for online shooters and is currently 50% off at Best Buy. The PS4 Pro on the other hand has generally maintained its price since its 2016 launch. NBA 2K19 Review: Another Leap Forward. Freedman 17 August 2017.

Judgment offers a serious yet fun departure from the Yakuza series that doesn’t skimp on the action and drama. Smith 01 February 2021. Because of this, the deals on PS4 consoles might not be quite as plentiful as in previous years. The PS5 might be Sony’s flagship gaming console, but its predecessor still has plenty to offer. PlayStation.

Wrong Number brings more of what made Hotline Miami so great: puzzles, fast-paced action and a soundtrack that can’t be contained. By Marshall Honorof 15 June 2021. Far Cry New Dawn Review: A Vibrant Wasteland. NBA 2K19 is the ultimate basketball simulation, with balanced gameplay and meticulous presentation. Marvel’s Spider-Man Review: Finally, the Spidey Game We Deserve.

The usual suspects like headsets, extra controllers and streaming gear should all receive discounts. PlayStation VR delivers compelling games in a comfortable, easy-to-use headset that won’t break your budget. Slick gameplay, an enticing story and top-notch visuals, Devil May Cry 5 is a must for DMC fans. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review.

Unfortunately, the PS5 restock nightmare has started to impact the supply of the PS4. Judgment Is an Awesome Modern Noir Detective Game. Smith 28 January 2021. WD_Black 2TB P10 Game Drive: was $89 now $74 @ Amazon If you’re finding your PS4’s hard drive is getting a little too full, then this WD_Black 2TB P10 Game Drive is the ideal storage solution. PS4 games.

What we can be very sure of is big money off a range of the best PS4 games. Don’t forget, the majority of high-profile games are still being released on the older system, and are often available for significantly less than on the console’s next-gen counterpart. We’re still several weeks away from retailers announcing their full suite of Black Friday deals, but we can make some educated guesses based on prior years.

By Adam Ismail 27 November 2018. By Sherri L. Far Cry Primal Review – Needs More Meat. The PS4-centric Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 520 provides good audio for games, but its design is outdated. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade review.

Smith 14 February 2019. As Ellie, you’ll seek revenge against those who have wronged you in a brutal story of revenge. Astro has also worked with developers to ensure the A10s always deliver stellar audio. It’s also very likely that the PSVR headset will be on sale.

Astro’s C40 TR is an excellent high-end PS4 controller with a comfy design and tons of customization options. PS4 accessories. Swing through the skies of NYC as Peter Parker, stopping sinister villains like the Vulture, Shocker, and Mr. Marvel’s Avengers: was $39 now $19 @ Amazon Step into the shoes of your favorite superpowered Avengers in this co-op action game.

Last month Best Buy had a restock of the PS4 Pro that sold out in two minutes! It offers dual-motor feedback and responsive pedals and is $173 off at Amazon. The entry-level virtual reality device has dropped to as low as $200 before in previous Black Friday sales — expect a similar discount this year. The PDP LVL50 Wired Stereo Headset provides decent gaming sound for a fair price, but you can get much better features from similar gadgets. Black Friday PS4 deals are expected to be in high demand this year.

By Andrew E. available right now The best PS4 games in 2021. Capcom Infinite Review: Frenzied Fighting Outshines Flaws. In previous years the PS4 Slim has dropped down to just $200 with three included games, and even the 1TB model with up to three games has been available for around $400.

Sony’s long-awaited Days Gone looks gorgeous, but the gameplay is dull and frustrating.

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