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This Is What Your Logo Says About Your Company

Brands fill up every corner of our life. Every single day we see, we use, and we wear products of various brands. So much that we start to see McDonald’s, Coca-cola, Starbucks, Nike, BMW, and Apple not just as corporate brands anymore. They become a part of our life. We recognize these brands simply by just looking at their corporate logos.

On that note, it is safe to say that logos possess a certain power. It is more than just a symbol. It is an image that will linger in our mind. When you have your own corporate branding, this corporate logo of yours is going to say a lot of things about your company. It represents your brand and reveals its quality. More importantly, it leaves a certain impression in your customer’s minds.

Therefore, it is fundamental to pay attention to the branding design of your corporate logo since each branding design delivers a different message. There are many examples of bad logos in history that send wrong messages. For instance, London 2012 Olympic logo is widely known for its bad reputation. Instead of sending a good message it was intended to, many perceived the logo representing ‘some sort of comical sex act’. Or, have you heard about recent arguments on United States presidential candidates’ logos? Some say that Hillary Clinton’s red arrow says nothing, while Ted Cruz’s red, white and blue flame looks like an ice cream cone.

On the other hand, we also have seen some marvelous logo. For example, Nike Inc.’s swoosh logo is a visual image that represents activity, flow and energy.Meanwhile, the Apple Inc.’s bitten apple sends a message that Apple products are different and unique.

Basically, your corporate branding depends very much on your logo design since your logo represents your company and it sends messages which can either support or undermine what you are trying to sell. Everything about your corporation is branded with a logo, and everyone is going to see it everywhere; your website, social media, your products, advertising banners, etc.

That is why you are not going to just trust anybody to design a logo for your company. Trust only those who have proven qualified in this field. Check their portfolio before trusting your branding design in their hands.

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