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The Competition and Challenges Faced by Freelance Logo Designers.

Freelance has become one of the most wanted jobs now that technology and the internet have accommodated us to easily find and do works from home. One of the most widely wanted jobs is logo designing. Anyone can be a freelance logo designer whether he has a degree in the field or not, as long as he has the skills and competency required for be a freelance logo designer. Thus, it is not surprising that the number of freelance logo designer keeps growing.

The growth in the number of freelance logo designers can be good news for potential clients. With so many self-employed designers compete to find a project; clients have the upper hand to select which designer is the most ideal to accommodate their designing needs. The downside of the competition, however, is that some freelance logo designers offer a low rate for their service. This,of course,gives an impact to the other designers who have to lower their rates to be able to compete in the market. But in my humble opinion, i think in the future, the world organizations in graphic design field or industry have to standardization about the price or fee for designers. So the designers can compete not in rate or fee but in quality of their portfolio. Nowaday, we can see many website offer the price for create a logo in $5, This occurs because some people is not understand about the meaning of logo and process. The logo can not execute with short process, since the designer is not a magician. The interview abd dialogue between designer and client be a important process for create a solution as visual.

Freelance logo designers who survive in the competition without having to underrate their talents are those who have become the experts in their field. They take the competition as a challenge to improve their skills and professionalism as a freelance logo designer. They take their works to the new level and clients are satisfied with their works. Moreover, new clients will keep coming for their designs as their names get bigger. These are the type of freelance logo designer whom clients are not afraid to spend bigger budget to. Their works are excellent, often proven by freelance logo designer portfolio. So what if the client and designer understand about design process, that is not only create an amazing visual. The design is long process for answer the client problems, freelance logo designer also make a plan for solve the problem and make solution with a good result in visual. If we assume the freelance logo designer is someone who produce good visual, is not quite right, i think the visualizer is close with the meaning someone who can produce amazing visual. The visualizer is being a part of design process.

The design industry has become a business with a high competition, also with the freelance logo designer. Unless you love what you are doing as a freelance logo designer and ready to challenge yourself to be better, you are most likely going to get burned out quickly. So, love it or leave it. The choice is all yours for hire a freelance logo designer or not?

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