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Logo Design Trends 2018 : That Will Dominate In This Year

The logo design will increase the development of the mode in every year. Before making this blog, i was uploading my prediction of logo trends when was in 2017. It has benefit to open the business product. Logo likes a symbol that represented the vision of the institute or business brand. The way to determine the logo design should know the needs and the goal that would be reached by the founder. It is called the meaning of logo itself. The logo design trends will become new inspiration to get the good icon of the business. Here how to choose the elegant logo design trends to welcome 2018.

1. Simple But Awesome Model

simple logo

It used letter for making the logo. The modification itself makes the logo had powerful meaning. The way the designer creates is looking first the meaning. It function is easy to understand the logo itself. It called minimalism design with customer asking. The customer usually order with his sketch model. The designer should give the best service by offering wonderful design. Not only that, the skill becomes important to elaborate the idea and the design. It sometimes simple design looks more special.

2. Lively 3D Design

3d shaping logo

The design looks live alive. It used 3D shaping to give more impression to the viewer. The function of 3D shaping is can look the design in every side. It could be made in moving the different design exactly in animation format (.gif).This model is suitable for the brand logo of company or office. It usually used for the video to see every angle of the logo. The design logo looks elegant with the unique shape. It combines with the good font with giving spaced in the text. This logo sample was made by Dorarpolhendra

3. Colorful Geometric Shapes

colourful geometric shape logo

It creates unique shape to represent the meaning of the logo. It is suitable for the young style. It combines with the colorful inside the geometric shape. It based on the designer’s creativity to create interesting shape to see. It combines with spirit color. The line combining will follow the letter shape. It likes typography style but it has different looking in some part. The color can be made some color in geometric shapes. Try to create new style using geometric.

4. Mixing Of Two Color Pattern

mixing of two colour

This way will mix two colors that was related to be one. It used to shape or letter. The combined color may be between dark and light. The design shows the beautiful mixing color with pattern. It arranges to be hard or soft view. The designer can blend the past style and present idea about making creative logo exactly in coloring. The pattern is inside the shape. The position is transparent. It just gives artistic view to the logo.

5. Inspiration Shape

brush letter logo

It contains some deep meaning to understand. The logo trend will increase the development of the business. The design will be the text inside the picture. It makes the logo as creative mascots because the unique shape. For example choosing interesting font to catch viewer’s attention and it seems modern looking. It dresses up the logo shape to be illustrating letters. Another choice is adding brush shape in logo design.

6. Interesting Word

handwriting logo

Inspiring word creates good understanding during knowing the meaning itself. The design will modify the letter with the side of shape. It could use capital letter with suitable font. A hand-drawn quality could produce good result. The logo design trends can make different view of modifying letter or word. The designer usually uses plain font and combines with short word. Choosing the suitable font is the way designer making his creativity to set the word.

7. Powerful Color

colourful logo

It means the design has interesting view to see and invite people’s attention. This style is in the hard color such as red, yellow, orange and so on. The colors often used to represent idea especially to make spirit. It functioned to get viewer attention. The style involves the sense of the logo meaning. You should be brave to determine and combine the strong color to make new experiment. Try play your creativity of color combining.

8. Masking Different Color

colourful overlay logo

This way makes the logo having two effects. After compounding the colors, it masks inside the shape. It could show the different view with some colors. The logo design explains more about the combination color. It could be modern look to get the idea of masking different color. The logo style may be look different from other. Try to mix any color to be one in masking process.

9. Suitable Gradient Color

gradient logo colour

It used to make logo design more exciting of looking. The view is as the rainbow logo with the arrangement of suitable color. This style mixes some color to be one and look better than one color. You keep going forward on playing your creativity. The dimension can see in every side of the logo. It involves the knowledge of color meaning. You can learn more about color and the gradient itself.

10. Modification Of Letter

letters logo design

The design looks more interesting because of the variety letter shaping. It seems there is a broken part of letter. It called the letter creativity. It also could be the combining some letters to be one new shape. It looks simple shape to modify the letter to be more beautiful. The process lettering was handmade. It could draw the creative idea in the unique shape. This style sometimes does to get simple logo but the viewer easy to understand the meaning.

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