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How to Win Freelance Logo Design Competition in 2017.

Designing logo is a big deal, particularly when you want to win the freelance logo design competition. When you participate to such competition for getting clients, you will be dealing with professional logo designers. In this case, your creativity is a crucial aspect. In order to win, you need to think out of the box. Also you need to know what is the client needed for their business, in this part you should understand by their feedbacks. In the previous article, I created some reasons why hiring a freelancer. can be a good choice for the startup business.

You also need to consider the latest trend on logo design. For the past decade, graphic designers tried to throwback latest trends. They also combine them with the modern theme as well. Here is some useful information related to the trends. You can use the following trend to win the competition for freelance logo design. Just check them one by one.

Freelance Logo Design Trend in 2017

Experts on freelance logo design consider that the vintage theme is the best throwback design they can come up. If the competition you participated in is designed for local companies or business, vintage logo is a good option. It represents the sentimental value or memories of the past. You can also get the authenticity feeling from vintage logo. In addition, logo with nostalgic theme has never failed to attract people attention. Famous company uses logo with the same design. You can see how they put sentimental value on their products. Their attempts to draw people attentions are proven fruitful.

As we know, things are different if the competition is intended for modern business. Most freelance logo design ideas for such business use minimalism design. Minimalist theme means that you need to remove most details on the design. When you remove the detail, all left in the logo is a minimalist look. Minimalist logo said more than logo with complicated design. It is remember me about Paul Rand quotes.He said design is so simple, that’s why it’s so complicated.

In fact, the best thing you can do to create eye catching idea is using simple yet meaningful concept for freelance logo design. Minimalist logo is not only practical, but it is also easy to replicate as well. Some brands use this concept. They are able to attract customers to purchase their products by simple logo design.

If you need clever designed logo for freelance logo design competition, you can also take advantage of negative space benefits. Negative space created between letters on the company logo will give unique meaning. The same idea is used on some companies’ logos to represents the company progress in serving the customers.

Well, aside from negative space between letters, it can also be obtained from its graphics. Sometimes, you should take a look how the negative space in logo creates the initial company name. When it comes to freelance logo design, sense of authenticity plays important role. Along with it, you also need a personal touch to it.

In addition, hand-drawn design will create unique and personal logo. Such logo usually used by local restaurants or cafés. Obviously, creating logo drawn by hand requires talents. Most importantly, you need to put hard work into it as well. The more hard works you use to create the freelance logo design, the more it becomes personal and attractive.

Below, i created an infographic about the logo trends in 2017. Please share this infographic to your friends!

logo trends 2017 in infographic

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