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How to start a brand identity with small budget.

Do you want to start a brand identity but a little tight on the budget? What if I told you that starting a brand identity does not necessarily take a huge amount of money? Even one of the leading brand identity s in social media, Twitter, only paid $15 for its iconic logo. Twitter is not the only one. Nike, a giant company, only paid $35 for its ‘swoosh’ logo. Their logo designs are perfect, yet they only spend so little on the brand identity . So, starting a brand identity is actually quite inexpensive if you know the tricks.

So what’s make difference between brand and brand identity ? I take a sample by a police department. The brand is about emotion for build an imagination who is police, how about police, and the police behaviour if we see a police. The brand identity is police uniform, consist of colours, emblem, typography. So i think that is the simple way for make a sample between brand and brand identity . Some of reason, the client and designers is not full understand what the say about brand and brand identity . In a few case, some of them said the brand identity is a logo and symbol.

First, you are going to understand what brand identity is. More than designing a symbol for your company, brand identity gives identity to your product, service or business. Therefore, you are going to need to know exactly what you want and what you need. Make a clear concept of your brand identity so that you have a clear and firm vision of what your brand identity is going to look like.

Being clear about what you want and what you need helps you better communicate with people you are working with. For instance, you are going to need help from a graphic designer to design your company logo. To get what you want from a designer, communication is the key. You need to clearly communicate what your company is doing, so they can better help you to design the ideal logo that represents your company. Or as designer, i always do several depth interview via skype or email. Some of questionaire is not make the company insight clearly, i think dialogue between designer and customer is best way for get better insight of the company profile. So for make the high quality brand identity needs several process not only instant process.

Since you are planning on small budget brand identity , you probably cannot afford to invest in a design agency. But you are still going to need a professional to work on our logo design. My advice is to hire a freelancer. They work online and you can measure their talents by checking out their previous works. is one of many websites run by a freelance logo designer who works online. The owner is Akbar Rhaditstya Putra, a graphic designer based in Indonesia whose field of expertise includes designing corporate logos, letterheads, business cards, stationery designs, brochures and infographic design. The website provides examples of previous works that advertises his proficiency in the field. The price for logo design service started from $99 depends on your company needs and for brand identity development is started from $200.

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