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How to Make Your Design Special for Each Client.

As a graphic designer, we work based on client’s demands. We may have a lot of creative ideas for logo inspirations, but a clear description of the client is the starting point to start working on the project. When the clients cannot give a clear enough explanation that gives us an adequate image of what they want, it becomes our job to probe some questions to get a better lead. After all this efforts, however, there are times when we would find client's demands are so ordinary. Now, what should you do about it?

As a designer, you are selling your talents. You are showing to your clients what you are capable of. You are marketing your creative ideas. And it is your job to make sure that each client is satisfied with what they buy from you. If you think that what they ordered is a logo that resembles some other commonly used design, your need to convince your client to use other designs. Point out that the logo they want looks like other designs and that it may send a different message to their potential customers. After they are convinced, show them some other logo inspirations that you have.

Show them your creative ideas. Explain to them that your logo inspirations are better. This is how you sell your designs. The first thing in selling your design is knowing what it is. Explain to your clients that each element in your design means something. Tell them the reason behind your typography, color selection, shape, shade, etc. Explain it with your best confidence so that you look convincing. Because, after all, you know the best what you do. You know your works best.

It is a part of your job to convince your client that their logo is unique and different. Therefore, they are not going to regret the amount of budget they spend for the logo. If they think that the designs you make for them are special, they may want to work again with you in the future. So, the key point is how to sell your creative ideas and logo inspirations and present them to the clients.

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