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Freelance Logo Design : Tips How to Set Your Values

Freelance logo design as an independent graphic designer should understand the trends of the logo. Not only about that, but as logo designer have to be multitasking. He is not only creative but also should be adaptive, because as logo designer will meet many customers with different needs for their company. I am, as a designer, working with different tasks such as creating branding, logo design, the icon for the app, stationery kit design, website design, infographic, and promotional kit design every day. For everyone who wants to find freelance jobs or build a career as a logo designer, maybe you can get a job and build the portfolio from Upwork or 99designs (in the past, I get some customers from these sites which have been working with me until today). I think these website is one of the solutions how to start to find clients besides build a portfolio for beginners.

The difference between Upwork with 99designs is about price bidding and competition. In Upwork, we as freelance logo design offers a service based on the client's budget and pricing. On the other hand, the 99designs is about logo design contest. In this marketplace, we make a competition with another designer to show our best designs. So this is your choice which one do you prefer to set a portfolio and experiences from these two sites.

In this blog, I want to share a few tips, how I put my values for creating a logo from the scratch. Maybe, it would be I for you who want to be a logo designer who can be working at home or anywhere you want.

Freelance Logo Design, It's the Right Time to Show Your Strengths

Before creating a logo, I suggest you show up your value to your potential customers. I usually show my CV and portfolio to my customers, so my customers guess they hire the right designer for their companies.

In my CV, I show about my experience and the educational background. A most of my clients did not need a CV or resume, but I think you need to prepare it, maybe one day you get a hire for a job directly from a company and working remotely like me. From a CV, as freelance logo design can branding yourself and put your values on it. Maybe you can also put your LinkedIn profile in your CV to impress your customer.

Next phase is showing your portfolio. Portfolio speaks about your ability in real things. You can build your portfolio in pdf format or put some your awesome projects on the website with self-hosting.

If you are good in logo design, so it's the right time to impress your client with your samples of logo design work. Put your logo ideas on the beautiful mockups for making your clients understand how will their logo will so awesome of putting in the different medium.

Or maybe you are doing good in website or advertising, you can put your portfolio there. Don't waste your time for impressing your clients with the right contents. You can see the sample of the portfolio through Pinterest, in there you can see some of the graphic design artists from Australia, Amsterdam, Auckland, and another city to build a beautiful portfolio.

Know Your Client Needs

Some of the clients maybe know their problems in their company, but not others. As the graphic designer, who expert in logo design, you do not need to set the business plan for your client, but you need to know what is your client business plan. It really needs to find the right branding and logo for their company.

I am as freelance logo design usually send a questionnaire besides doing an in-depth interview with my client through email or Skype. From this interview, we can find the problem and set the right solution of the branding. Also, we can set our price based on hourly rate or per project, it depends on the budget and the agreement between the client and I am as the logo designer.

Freelance Logo Design, Which do you prefer? Hourly Rate VS Per Project?

Maybe, most of the freelance logo design is really confused about how to the set your own rates. I have small tips for this. If you are setting your own income a month for $5000, you can estimate your rates for your client.

For examples, if a logo design project can be finished in 14 days or 112 hours of working on this project. You can set your hourly rate in $45 for your logo design project. So with one project can cover your earnings for a month. Maybe with this fees including branding, website, or several revisions. You can set your own values here.

After making an agreement, freelance logo design should make a contract before starting the project. Also, you can make your own rule before starting the project for making a payment. Some of the designers should get 40% of total payment before they do the job. The rest will be paid after it is done by sending the invoice to the client.

If you are confused with the hourly project, as freelance logo design can charge your clients with the price for each project. It's really easy for beginners to find how many hours you will be working for each project. This guide will be different with your situations. Maybe, I am, a logo designer from Asia, Indonesia, has the different price for creating a logo with the designer who lives in Europe, such as Liverpool, Los Angeles, London or another city.

Show Your Each Steps of Designing a Logo

The client maybe doesn't need to know how about your logo design work process. But trust me, if you show your processes to your client to create a branding, some of my clients know the reason why I set our own price little bit higher than others. Because I work with an in-depth interview to find complete information about the company and put my ideas on a paper before showing it to the client for creating a logo design. So, they will understand, every second I work is really worth with their money which they have sent to me.

On the other hand, every detail of my work also make the client understand, I never use a template to create a logo and branding design. In this blog, i also show my work process in branding below. I show how I work in logo design and the transformations of my ideas from different concepts to be a single mark as logo design.

I wish my experience as freelance logo design can inspire you and guide you for getting started to build your small studio or agency from your home. Today, the Internet has many pieces of information and really specific description about graphic design trends. I also wrote some logo design trends in my blog here (maybe you have some opinion about the logo trends in the next year?). To get some inspirations and follow logo design trends, you also can join several graphic design forums on the Internet besides reading some graphic design books, or maybe you are interested in the internship? You can also join in the graphic design agency. In graphic design studio or agency, you will learn about the working processes with other artists to create a logo and branding. On the other hand, you also can know how to agency sets a cost or salary for creating a logo design and branding for their customers.

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