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For Freelance Graphic Designers: How to Deal with Criticism.

As a freelance graphic designer, critics are almost inevitable. We work with other people, we sell our talents to make a good design for our clients, but sometimes some of us just have to deal with unsatisfied clients. Maybe it is not your fault. Maybe it is them who are inconsistent with what they want. But, no matter what, we designers, are working for them. They hire us. They pay us. And more importantly, we need to show that we are not only good at designing, but also have a good attitude with clients.

Now, what to do if you are faced with critics? Here are some easy tips for you.

Stay cool

I know it is not easy to listen to someone criticizing your works when you have put you best efforts to complete them. But you need to remember that attitude is everything in the service business. No matter how bad the critics, freelance graphic designer need to stay composed. Do not lose your temper. Stay cool. Bear with it for a while and listen to what they need to say. The critics may be good for your improvements.

Do not take it personally

Critics are not about you. Sometimes, it is because the clients do not communicate what they want clearly from the start. As a freelance graphic designer, you have put your best efforts to give the best for clients based on their demands. If in the end they are not satisfied, do remember that they are criticizing the designs, not you as a person. So, do not take things personally. It is a part of being a professional designer.

Take it as a challenge to improve yourself

When a client gives feedback on your work, it means that they have actually put their minds to examine your works. It is a good sign that someone gives you some feedback about your works. As a freelance graphic designer, take it as a challenge to improve yourself. Push yourself to take your works to the next level. Show them that you can do more.

Dealing with criticism is a part of the journey to being a pro. The key is to deal with it positively so that critics help us grow. So, do not let the critics shrink you.

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