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Criteria of Professional Logo Designer.

Professional logo designer, one of profession which have a large opportunity to expand their wings especially in this modern era. But sometimes, we can’t distinguish between the professional logo designers with the amateur one. Today’s article, I will give you some guide to choose and distinguish the amateur designer and the professional one. Actually, there are some guide which can you do before you decide to order a logo to a logo designer. Here we are:


The first step is website. In this era, website have a roll as social media where people can knowing each other. In logo business is same too! If you want to look a logo designer, choose a logo designer who have their own website without any congenital such as word press or BlogSpot or any other stuff! Why I told this? Because, by having their own website, it means that they are really seriously want to expand their design business and want to be a professional one! So, you can rely on them. In the website usually, the designer show their portfolios. So it is easily to take a look how about the quality of the works and this step can understanding how to works with the designer that you have choosen.


By knowing the biography of logo designer, you will get information about his or her experience on design such as the various clients which have been handle by them, the skill or level of designer and many information about them. By knowing their biography, you will get a ‘hard case’ of the company which prove them as professional. If you want to have a look for the logo designer biography, they usually put it in their website. As designer, not have a must educational background in a graphic design. But what if you find the guy as graphic designer has educational background in Graphics Design or Arts, it is a point of plus.

Positive opinion from the clients

Another guide to choose the professional logo designer is searching the positive opinion from their clients! To attract people attention, most of logo designer will put the testimony about their works which written by their clients on website. Go and find the positive testimony on it! But remember, every people should have a mistake in their live. At least find the professional designer who have a large ratio of having a positive comment or testimony from clients than the negative one.

We absolutely want to have a perfect logo design for our needs. So, don’t waste your time and money with the amateur one. Go and find your best logo designer. If you’re looking at professional logo designer, our business company has been trusted with so many client start from domestic until international. For more information, just visit our website on That’s all about professional logo designer.

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