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Communicating Your Branding Design Needs with Your Freelance Logo Designer

There is no harm in trusting your company logo design to a freelance logo designer. There are so many qualified freelance graphic designers out there that actually prefer working on their own rather than joining a firm. Akbar-rhadit is just one of the talented graphic designers based in Indonesiawho prefers working on his own time through online media. Many clients have trusted him with projects to create various designs. Not only logo, akbar-rhadit also works on stationery design, business card design, and brochures. From his office in Jakarta Design Studio, akbar-rhadit has completed a bunch of projects for clients from around the world.

Working via online media, his key to success is keeping a good communication term with his clients. He knows that sometimes the hardest part of being a freelance logo designer is to deal with criticism. Clients are not always satisfied with the designs they ordered. While freelance logo designershave spent so many hours brainstorming for the ideas, making sketches of various possible designs and finally working on it for hours, but despite the hard work, clients do not seem satisfied yet. Revision is fine, but too many revisions can be a waste of time for both the freelancer and the client. Maybe something is missing. Maybe you have not communicated properly.

Some clients do not understand that a logo designer is not a wizard who can do some magic trick to give them what they want just by swinging a wand. There is a long process to create a design; either it is a logo design, stationery design, business card design, or brochure design. The key is that the clients should communicate what they want with their freelance graphic designer.

Since akbar-rhadit is working via online media from Jakarta Design Studio, he cannot meet his clients. But he always strives to provide excellence in his work by making sure to properly communicate with them during the designing process until he gets the best result. He starts by getting the details of what clients want before doing some research and collection ideas. He then put his ideas on sketches before working on the designs. After completing some designs, he opens to feedbacks from the client as a guide for revisions before finally presenting the final products. Visit to check out how he works on completing designs.

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