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Since the logo and branding as core of business AKBAR-RHADIT as freelance logo designer has completed +250 logo design service and branding projects since 2012. The logo becomes a reflection of the vision and mission of a business for the company to be able to captivate prospective customers and become a differentiator from other similar competitor. At the end a logo becomes a strong visual, so i believe to build a strong business needed a freelance logo designer who is competent. As a freelance logo designer over 4 years, I have handled the startup company worldwide for make the business can adapt and growing in the midst of rapid competition. I am as freelance logo designer not only create a solution for the best visual of identity from the aesthetic, but also i provide several solutions for answer the business problem between the competitors. Finally create a strong business started from create a serious research to fix the business problem into a good visual. I am as freelance logo designer believe what if we started something serious especially in business, the final result of business will be good for business life and business growth. As freelance logo designer the price range of the services started from $99 to $700 depending on what our customer needed. My services include logo design, branding development, stationery kit, website, SEO, promotional kit, and website design. We do not require a “down payment” before start the project, but we need our customer company details. So that’s why i always do a little discussion via email or skype to have full information about the project to be completed. This part almost important as freelance logo designer to work with full informations from customer than down payment for me as free lance logo designer for understanding the company vision, the services, and what is the objective goals of the company. So i can work closely like having a designer inhouse in your company. I have helped startup and growing companies worldwide to engaging their brand to their potential customers. So this is the right time for cooperate with me as freelance logo designer to develop your company to be more loved and known to your loyal customers. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

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Since 2012, as freelance logo designer has completed several projects such as logo design, branding development, stationery kit, website, SEO, promotional kit, and website design. Please check out our portfolio to see our previous graphic design works. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us to hire or simply say "hi".

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  • Rhadit created a logo, letterhead, business cards, thank you cards, email signature, and notepads for our company and did an excellent job! He was very responsive to our feedback and was very prompt and punctual. We are so happy with the way everything turned out and would recommend him to anyone looking for some good design solutions!!

    KPF - Caroline Kearns
  • Akbar designed a really cool logo and business card design for us. We were very impressed with his work, especially his quick turn around times which really set him apart from many of the other designers who took days to respond. He was great to work with and was eager to make whatever modifications we requested, even after the contest had closed. We are incredibly happy with the result of our contest and love our new logo! We would highly recommend starting a design project with Akbar

    WOUX - Meghan Plumb
  • Akbar did an amazing job in helping with the branding of Freedom Diabetic. We used him for stationary design work. Will use him again

    FREEDOM DIABETIC - Alan Richardson
  • Akbar made an excellent design for the business cards and letterhead paper for my company

    RADIANT ENERGY - John van Pol