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Freelance graphic designer is a solution to make your brand looks stand out. On the other hand, a freelance graphic designer should be understand about marketing purpose. So, the design is not only looks cool or beautiful, but also interesting and make the primary target market loves your product and finally buy your product. It needs more than a skill in graphic design, but also must have a few experiences in marketing, sales, and communication industry. If a graphic designer has those special experiences, they will have good formula to make your brand looks amazing and your primary target market will happy to purchase your brand.

The customer make a decision to buy from different perspectives. So that’s why a freelance graphic designer should be understand about consumer behaviour who purchase that product. It can be from a good packaging design with interesting logo design, colours, or can be a unique brand strategy. These aspects is a few important things should be implemented on the product or services besides pricing strategy, giveaway and many more. It means, the freelance graphic designer needs to know other aspects too besides the design process. These aspects can be a method how to attracting customers away from your competitors.

Akbar-Rhadit is not only a freelance graphic designer who can help you to create a logo design, branding strategy, web design, brochure, flyer, and social media maketing but also can suggest you a best way to attract your primary target market to try your product or service through communication and marketing strategy. It is because he graduated from mass communication study with specialisation in advertising. When he was a student in university, he also learnt a lot for understanding customer and how to make creative approach through design and communication to sell the product. So, if you hire Akbar-Rhadit as your freelance graphic designer it means you also will have extra bonus in marketing and communication strategy with his creative approach.

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We are not only work for creating graphic design, but also make marketing and branding strategy for startup business. Contact us today and we will happy to help you!

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  • Rhadit created a logo, letterhead, business cards, thank you cards, email signature, and notepads for our company and did an excellent job! He was very responsive to our feedback and was very prompt and punctual. We are so happy with the way everything turned out and would recommend him to anyone looking for some good design solutions!!

    KPF - Caroline Kearns
  • Akbar designed a really cool logo and business card design for us. We were very impressed with his work, especially his quick turn around times which really set him apart from many of the other designers who took days to respond. He was great to work with and was eager to make whatever modifications we requested, even after the contest had closed. We are incredibly happy with the result of our contest and love our new logo! We would highly recommend starting a design project with Akbar

    WOUX - Meghan Plumb
  • Akbar did an amazing job in helping with the branding of Freedom Diabetic. We used him for stationary design work. Will use him again

    FREEDOM DIABETIC - Alan Richardson
  • Akbar made an excellent design for the business cards and letterhead paper for my company

    RADIANT ENERGY - John van Pol