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AKBAR-RHADIT is freelance graphic designer who has specialization in logo and branding development. He has finished more than 300 logo and branding for startup and middle-end company since 2012. He graduated from Mass Communication major with specialization of field study in Advertising and Graphic Design. He has worked for several clients worldwide, such as Indonesia, United States of America, United of Arab Emirates, Germany, and other countries to create a branding. A few of these company until now is still working with him. So in this case, AKBAR-RHADIT is really right person who understand about the client needed.

Many business sectors was held by AKBAR-RHADIT for example technology, law firm, account and financial, leisure, and café. Some previous clients usually call him back for creating another items, such as bizcard, complete stationery kit, website, infographic, and marketing materials (flyer or brochure). His experiences for 4 years in graphic design industry has given him an important lesson. That is the branding and logo is created for understand the company vision, so the client and AKBAR-RHADIT usually did a longer interview section in Skype or email. Because each companies has specific needs although they are in same business sector.

AKBAR-RHADIT helps the startup and company to gain their target market in social media or digital platform. So AKBAR-RHADIT also offers the Search Engine Optimization service for making the website works well not only about the design and interface, but also the easiness of the target market if they find the company’s website. In 2016, AKBAR-RHADIT is working together with a few persons who expertise in business and and digital marketing. AKBAR-RHADIT provides this service because for answer the challenge of digital era.

Please do not hesitate to contact AKBAR-RHADIT if you want to develop your business through branding. He will answer each your email or questions for free.

About Akbar Rhadit


Since 2012, as freelance logo designer has completed several projects such as logo design, branding development, stationery kit, website, SEO, promotional kit, and website design. Please check out our portfolio to see our previous graphic design works. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us to hire or simply say "hi".

Design Works




  • Rhadit created a logo, letterhead, business cards, thank you cards, email signature, and notepads for our company and did an excellent job! He was very responsive to our feedback and was very prompt and punctual. We are so happy with the way everything turned out and would recommend him to anyone looking for some good design solutions!!

    KPF - Caroline Kearns
  • Akbar designed a really cool logo and business card design for us. We were very impressed with his work, especially his quick turn around times which really set him apart from many of the other designers who took days to respond. He was great to work with and was eager to make whatever modifications we requested, even after the contest had closed. We are incredibly happy with the result of our contest and love our new logo! We would highly recommend starting a design project with Akbar

    WOUX - Meghan Plumb
  • Akbar did an amazing job in helping with the branding of Freedom Diabetic. We used him for stationary design work. Will use him again

    FREEDOM DIABETIC - Alan Richardson
  • Akbar made an excellent design for the business cards and letterhead paper for my company

    RADIANT ENERGY - John van Pol